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Young Adult Edition



From the Publisher

A middle-grade adaptation of Laurence Bergreen’s adult bestseller, about Magellan’s historic voyage around the globe. On September 6, 1522, a horribly battered ship manned by eighteen malnourished, scurvy-ridden sailors appeared on the horizon near a Spanish port. They were survivors of the first European expedition to circle the globe. Originally comprised of five ships and 260 sailors, the fleet’s captain and most of its crew were dead. How did Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage to circle the world—one of the largest and best-equipped expeditions ever mounted—turn into this ghost ship? The answer is provided in this thoroughly researched tale of mutiny and murder spanning the entire globe, marked equally by triumph and tragedy. Thrilling, grisly, and completely true, Magellan:Over the Edge of the World tells a story that not only marks a turning point in history, but also resonates powerfully with the present.

Kirkus Reviews

A gripping and harrowing true adventure story for young readers… an engrossing, dramatic account of courage and tragedy from the Age of Discovery.

School Library Journal

A richly researched and highly readable explication of a perennially favorite subject.


The detailed narrative, accompanied by maps and artwork,​ ​depicts Magellan’s ruthless bravado against natives and often mutinous sailors, which led to his controversial murder. Bergreen also pays homage to the overlooked crew, who were actually the first to​ ​sail the globe. Although condensed from the original, this version remains sophisticated and will appeal​ ​most to skilled teen readers and even adults.​

School Library Connection

In what reads like an action-adventure work of fiction, the author has created a comprehensive account of Magellan’s voyage around the world. The author’s extensive research is evident in the level of detail provided throughout the book…Well-written and engaging, this book of history will draw readers in and keep them hooked until the end.

Awards and Accolades:

  • Junior Library Guild Selection