In Search of A Kingdom book by Laurence Bergreen

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In Search of A Kingdom

HarperCollins, 2021

An exploration narrative of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite pirate, Sir Francis Drake, whose mastery of the seas changed the course of history—as a pirate raiding Spanish galleons, as the first explorer to successfully circumnavigate the globe, and as a naval hero who defeated the Spanish Armada and reshaped the global order.


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news from the author

  • Columbus published in China

    Columbus published in China

    The Chinese edition of Columbus: The Four Voyages will be published by Grand China Publishing Company this November.

  • History Hit Podcast

    History Hit Podcast

    Bergreen’s History Hit interview with Prof Susannah Lipscomb about Magellan and Over the Edge of the World is now available on Apple podcasts.

  • Just published in Poland

    Just published in Poland

    In Search of a Kingdom is now available in Poland from Rebis Publishing.

    Just published in PolandJust published in PolandOrdering Info
  • Marco Polo arrives in China

    Marco Polo arrives in China

    Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu will be published by Grand China Publishing company this fall.

  • Just Published in Portugal

    Just Published in Portugal

    In Search of a Kingdom is now available in Portugal from Bertrand Publishing.

    Just Published in PortugalJust Published in PortugalOrdering Info
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    UK Edition Reviewed

    All About History magazine reviews UK edition of In Search of a Kingdom: “Its grand sense of adventure grips the reader from the start as you are transported to a time of gold, glory and godly cause.”