In Search of A Kingdom book by Laurence Bergreen

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In Search of A Kingdom

HarperCollins, 2021

An exploration narrative of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite pirate, Sir Francis Drake, whose mastery of the seas changed the course of history—as a pirate raiding Spanish galleons, as the first explorer to successfully circumnavigate the globe, and as a naval hero who defeated the Spanish Armada and reshaped the global order.


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19 April, 6:00 PM EST
NY Society Library
Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, and the Perilous Birth of the British Empire
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news from the author

  • Plymouth, UK - March 31, 2021: Statue of Sir Francis Drake on Plymouth Hoe Stuart Bonar

    Drake Reviewed in The American Spectator

    “Drake was certainly an important figure in English history. And his trip around the globe, which Bergreen describes in great and fascinating detail, was truly a marvel.”

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    Bergreen speaks to BYU’s Constant Wonder Radio about Francis Drake.

  • Wall Street Journal Review

    Wall Street Journal Review

    “The accounts of Drake’s circumnavigation and his subsequent naval career are very good indeed. They will surely delight aficionados of imperial history and anyone keen on real-life adventure stories.”

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