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Casanova: The World of a Seductive Genius

Simon & Schuster, 2016

The definitive biography of the impoverished child, abandoned by his parents, who became the famous writer, notorious libertine, and self-invented genius whose name still resonates today: Giacomo Casanova. Today, “Casanova” is a synonym for “great lover,” yet the real story of this remarkable figure is little known.

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Laurence Bergreen is currently at work on his next book. It’s about a volatile pirate, a charismatic queen, and the unlikely origins of a global empire. Check back for more details in the coming months.


news from the author

  • Columbus Feature

    Columbus Feature

    Watch this short film about Columbus from Nahn Dan in Vietnam.

  • Columbus Published in Vietnam

    Columbus Published in Vietnam

    Bergreen’s biography of Christopher Columbus is now available in Vietnam from Omega Books.

  • New York Times Feature

    New York Times Feature

    Bergreen’s biography of Magellan is featured in the New York Times on the occasion of the quincentenary of his circumnavigation.

  • Magellan Quincentenary

    Magellan Quincentenary

    A new Spanish edition of Magellan has been published by Planeta, to celebrate the quincentenary of his circumnavigation.

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  • Magellan Published in China

    Magellan Published in China

    Magellan never made it to China, but the book about him will. Over the Edge of the World arrives in Chinese bookstores early 2019.

  • Telegraph Article about Mars

    Telegraph Article about Mars

    Nasa’s chief scientist tells Laurence Bergreen what a newly-found Martian ‘lake’ really means for the Red Planet.